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Treats and tailwags goes to south: Petdentity as Major Sponsor!

We always look for businesses that share our passion for the convenience and advancement of the community! As a leading pet microchipping brand in the Philippines, Petdentity is committed to promoting responsible pet ownership and ensuring the well-being of pets. This collaboration aims to address the issue of stray animals and raise awareness about rabies prevention, ultimately contributing to a safer and healthier community.

For this year’s Treats and Tailwags, 2 lucky winners will get a chance to win a set of pet passport and microchip!

Primark Cordon, Isabela: Honda Philippines Grand Opening

Honda is renowned for its innovative spirit, high technological standards, and passion for excellence. Every Honda product leaving the assembly line incorporates years of technological expertise, constant research and development, meticulous attention to quality control, and customer satisfaction.

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