Treats and tailwags goes to south: Jojoba Essence Organic Pet Product as Major Sponsor!

When we say we are committed to the community, we truly mean it for every member, including your beloved pets!

At this year's Treats and Tailwags, Jojoba Essence generously provided a bag full of delightful goodies to the lucky winners!
Jojoba essence offers effective solutions for various skin infections. It not only acts as a natural deodorizer for your pet’s skin but also stimulates hair growth by rejuvenating the skin cells. It acts as a natural fungicide, moisturizes and softens the skin, and naturally controls bacteria and fungi on the skin’s surface. Additionally, it is hypoallergenic, prevents flea and tick infestations, relieves itchy skin, and moisturizes the skin.

You may still join until October 30, 2023, check the mechanics here:
Don’t miss out on this wonderful opportunity. Join in on the fun for this year’s Treats and Tailwags!

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