“My personal campaign is to be able to persuade other hotel owners to follow suit, hotels are the best place as quarantine facilities structurally, worse scenario we will be converting our hotels into such also, although for now we are using it for medical front liners, we are all together in this fight, we cannot just sit down and watch, we have to protect first and foremost our medical front liners, otherwise who will protect all of us, the earlier that we get our acts together, the earlier that we will all go back to normalcy. Others are saying wala na ngang kita sa hotel gagastos pa, ang sagot ko, hindi na darating ang kita kung hindi natin pagtutulungan na maayos and matapos ito agad. This is a bitter pill that all hotel owners have to swallow for now.” - President Wilbert T. Lee, LKY Group of Companies

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