Primark Center: Pets are welcome here!

There are common places where pets are brought to play and stroll in. The Philippines’ tropical weather is not always the most favorable in terms of outdoor activity. With that said, most of the pet owners would also like to have a place to take their pets that cool and comfortable, and/or has a variety of establishments to visit.

We all know that the Philippines has numerous commercial centers which a lot of people visit to escape the heat or the rain, shop, dine, or spend leisure time with family but unfortunately, only selected establishments are pet-friendly or pet-oriented.

But here in Primark, Pets are always welcome.

We would like to encourage our shoppers bringing their pets in our town centers, Be a responsible Pet-Owner by following the guidelines below:
• All pets must be in compliance with laws pertaining to pet vaccination.
• Owners must take full responsibility for their pets and must ensure that they do not cause any inconvenience to others.
• Owners must have their pets either on a leash, in a carrier/trolley or be hand-carried. Pets must not be left unattended at all times.
• Hygiene is important. It is highly encouraged that pets are properly bathed and groomed upon entering the mall.
• Always clean-up after your pets. Wipe off liquid waste using wet wipes or pick-up their droppings and put them in a sealed plastic bag before disposal.
• In case of accidents caused by their pets, owners are liable to the concerned parties and will shoulder all medical and other expenses related to the accident.
• Owners must carry their pets while riding up and down the escalators. But pets are not allowed inside the elevators.
• Primark Center tenants and Affiliates each have their own pet policy which owners must observe.
• Primark Center security reserves the right to ask owners to bring their pets outside the mall premises should the pet show disturbing behavior that will pose a danger to property and our shoppers.

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