Mr. and Ms. Nutrikid 2019 at Primark Town Center

The Nutrition Month is an annual campaign held during the month of July, as mandated by PD 491, also known as the Nutrition Act of the Philippines. This aims to create awareness among Filipinos on the importance of nutrition.

Primark Town Center, one of the emerging commercial leasing company in the country, recently tied up with the Department of Education on a provincial level. To celebrate the Nutrition Month, the collaboration between the Primary Schools, the Municipality and Primark Town Center gave birth to “Mr. and Ms. Nutrikid Competition”.

Primark and the LGU wanted to promote healthy living through the search for the healthiest kid in the Community. With the digital and social environment for the youth today, the pressure to become picture perfect is real. The campaign aims to teach the younger generation that real beauty means to be healthy, to be confident and to have a positive outlook in life.

Participating Primark Town Center sites for this competition are Primark Aringay, Primark Cordon, and Primark Gerona. The participating schools for Primark Aringay were San Benito Elementary School, Saint Barachiel Special Science School, Aringay Central Elementary School, Sta. Rita Elementary School, San Eugenio Elementary School, and Aringay School of Science, Arts, Technology and Trade. The participating schools for Primark Cordon are Rizaluna Elementary School, Dallao Elementary School, Villa Marzo Elementary School, Cordon North Central Elementary School, Gayong Elementary School, and Taringsing Elementary School. The participating school for Primark Gerona is Gabaldon Elementary School.

This campaign would not have been possible without the support of Primark’s partners: Citiphone Shop K-Circle Variety Inasal and Boutique, Irene’s Skin Care, Black Pearl, MetroShopper’s Department Store, Savemore and Mango Graham Frenzy, Pandayan, Mister Donut and Savemore.

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Team Gerona, Team Aringay, Team Cordon